Water Birth Delivery

water birth delivery

Water immersion during labour and birth can provide exceptional pain relief and relaxation.  There’s a reason it’s called a “wet epidural”!  Labouring in water enables greater mobility and many clients appreciate the sense of privacy it provides. Water birth delivery is associated with fewer medical interventions, decreased pain during labour, and increased satisfaction with the birth experience. Babies born in water experience fewer hospital transfers and hospital admissions during the first six weeks postpartum.

If you are planning a home birth, you can labour in your own tub (as long as it’s deep enough to cover your belly) or in a rented pool.  For hospital births, Jacuzzi tubs are available in each birthing room for use during labour only (clients are required to exit the tub to deliver their babies).

Read more from the Association of Midwives regarding the benefits and safety of water birth:


Water Birth Delivery

Water Birth

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