Prenatal Care

Midwives provide prenatal care through all three trimesters of pregnancy. Our Wind Rose Midwifery team provides most prenatal care at our clinic in Komoka.  Clients planning a home birth can expect to have at least one prenatal visit in their home.

Clinic appointments range from 30 minutes to one hour in length to allow ample time for clinical assessments, discussion, relationship building and informed decision-making.

Prenatally, midwives offer routine prenatal tests including blood work, urine tests, genetic screening, ultrasound, gestational diabetes screening, pap tests, swabs for sexually transmitted infections, and testing for Group B Streptococcus (GBS).

Visits are typically held monthly during the first half of pregnancy, bi-weekly from 28-36 weeks, then weekly until delivery.   During these appointments clients can expect to have both their health, and the health and growth of their baby closely monitored.  Generally, partners and children are also welcome at appointments.

If urgent concerns arise outside of scheduled appointment times, midwives are available 24-hours a day for home, hospital or additional clinic visits.

prenatal care

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