Community Health and Pregnancy Resources

Wind Rose Midwifery works with a variety of health providers in the community to support normal pregnancy, birth and postpartum. The following list is not exhaustive of the many excellent pregnancy resources available in our community.


Pregnancy and newborn chiropractic, acupuncture and massage

Pelvic physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage, nurse practitioner

Prenatal classes, mental health, breastfeeding/lactation, nutrition

Osteopathy, craniosacral therapy, massage, acupuncture 

Acupuncture, chiropractic, pelvic physio, osteopathy, massage, lactation, doulas, counselling prenatal classes, yoga, fitness


Osteopathy RMT Relief
Damen Optimal Health

Breastfeeding/ Lactation Support

Breastfeeding help and doula services

Doula services and breastfeeding support, birth pool rental

24/7 breastfeeding phone support, available in French and English

Links to community breast pump rentals



Online discussion board by lactation consultants, nurses and doctor

(see Multi-disciplinary)

Phone support & home visits from public health nurses/lactation consultants

(see Multi-disciplinary)

Virtual and in-person support, prenatal breastfeeding workshops

Breastfeeding (Videos)


Advanced Chiropractic

Pregnancy and newborn chiropractic care (non-manipulative adjustments)

HER Optimal Health

Counselling Services

Craniosacral Therapy

Osteopathy RMT Relief


Doula services and breastfeeding support, birth pool rental

Labour and postpartum doulas, LGBTQ+ friendly

Rebirth Wellness


Advanced Chiropractic
HER Optimal Health
Osteopathy RMT Relief
Rebirth Wellness

Mental Health Services

Prenatal and postpartum supports. *Ask your midwife for a referral

24/7 walk-in for mental health crisis. *Note: there is no psychiatrist on site (no medication support)

Family Support: Drop-in family support and crisis centre, Father Reach Wellness Sessions

Online/Telehealth Mental Health Resources


Canadian Mental Health Association
Hopeline Postpartum Depression Phone Line
Ontario Mental Health
Postpartum Support International


Melissa Leverre

Osteopathy RMT Relief

Kathy Masko


*Ask your midwife for a list of pediatricians accepting referrals

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy


Mackenzie de Vries
Artist of the professional photos you see on our website! Prenatal, postpartum and family photos.

Prenatal Classes

Holliday Tyson
Middlesex Health Unit

Group and 1-on-1 prenatal classes, grief and loss support

Rebirth Wellness

Reproductive Health

Rental Services

Birth pool rental

Links to community breast pump rentals

TENS machines (electrotherapy), breast pumps, belly bands


Encourage fetal rotation, try with Miles Circuit

Encourage optimal fetal positioning, try with Spinning Babies

Midwives In Ontario:

pregnancy resources

prenancy resources

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