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“I am so grateful for what the midwives have done for me. They made my first pregnancy experience amazingly easy, comfortable, and confident. They are so patient, knowledgeable, and professional. Me and my family are looking forward to seeing them again with our next baby.”

- Anonymous 


“I always loved my prenatal appointments. I never felt rushed, and all my concerns were addressed. I love the postpartum visits too. It was so comforting to have someone checking in on myself and my newborn during those first few days. I found it incredibly helpful when my first child was born, that when we were expecting our second little one, there was no doubt that we would be returning clients!”

- Emma


“My birth experience was the single coolest and most amazing experience of my life. I can attribute that in part to things moving quickly and “well” but I also felt supported and informed by the people in the room. I had confidence and trust in the midwives. Choosing Talbot Creek ( Wind Rose ) was the best decision I made for myself and my family in pregnancy. I was blown away by the level and quality of care and compassion I received. I could not recommend this clinic and the midwives more and I could imagine going though pregnancy, birth and postpartum without them.” 

- Kim


“Our experience at Talbot Creek ( Wind Rose ) was nothing but amazing. We felt super supported during my pregnancy, but the aftercare was amazing. Having our midwives come to our home and check on both my son and me was super helpful. They reassured me when I wasn’t sure if I was healing well. The fact I didn’t have to leave my home in that first week really alleviated a lot of stress. My husband and I leaned so much during each home visit, and we felt educated and confident after each one.”

- Melissa


“I love, love, LOVED my midwives. All three of them were amazing. They all got to meet my babe and it was so lovely. They treated me like I was a family member. I felt cared for, heard, supported. I love all three of my midwives for different reasons and I wish all three could have been at my delivery. I was so happy I got to see them all throughout the first 6 weeks. I was so sad when my baby hit 6 months as our time together came to an end. They because part of you family somehow. I will 100% use them again whenever I have another child. I feel the support and care o mother receives from midwives far exceeds the support you get from and OB. I loved my experience even if my delivery went a different route, I still feel very cared for and supported. Thank you Ladies. You’re wonderful souls”

- Steph

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