Giving Birth At Home

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Midwives are the only primary care providers who are trained and equipped to attend home births in Ontario. At Wind Rose Midwifery, we understand how your environment can contribute to both physical and emotional safety during labor and birth. For healthy, low-risk pregnancies, giving birth at home in Ontario is as safe as hospital birth.

Most clients who plan a home birth deliver their babies at home. If a transfer to the hospital is indicated during your labor, our interprofessional, team-based approach with our colleagues at the hospital ensures it happens smoothly.

In 2019 the LHSC Birthing Centre and the Midwifery Department were recognized by the Association of Ontario Midwives for their collaboration with the Best Hospital Integration Award. Ontario midwives carry standardized equipment and medications to provide safe and thorough care to clients and their babies.

Clients who plan home births will have at least one of their prenatal appointments in their home.  At this appointment, your midwife will familiarize themself with your space and ensure you are prepared to welcome your baby at home.

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