Bowman Birth Story

With both my previous pregnancies ending before 40 weeks (36w and 37w) everyone thought this baby was going to follow suit, but he had other plans. At 42 weeks, Nikki, my husband and I went into the hospital to begin my induction. The process was smooth, I had gone in wanting an un-medicated birth and everyone was in support of that! When simply breaking my water wasn’t working we started Pitocin and quickly things began to progress. After a couple hours, babies heart was showing signs of deceleration, at this time Nikki took charge in a collected though concerned manner and gave us a couple options and we were unsure if an unmedicated birth was going to be in the cards.

With great communication with the OB on call an internal heart rate monitor was placed and concern was beginning to subside. A few short hours later baby was on the way! Very guided and strategic prompts were given in terms of pushing, breathing and resting, with no medication required, baby was here and he was perfect at 8lbs 12oz.

Nikki was an absolute joy to have in the room through a surreal time. We headed home with baby just a few short hours after birth, with Nikki there to check in as soon as needed.

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